Default path are not optimal


Well , I don’t think that is numberOne problem, but still , it exist

Selection path are by default non optimal.

By default, it propose to move my mage like this. which take 1d

When I can be faster moving him like this

I could event go threw the mountain on the left and take the road after that, it’s still 23h

I’m not very familiar with Dijkstra algorithme. but it seem’s buggy here.


There are several cases of this sort of behavior on various maps—I haven’t seen this one before though. As I understand it from what the devs have told me in the past, pathfinding is done using a separate graph from the one used to actually display the game. So sometimes there can be a bug in the weight graph that the pathfinding algorithm uses; a missing road segment or something. This causes the pathfinder to find an “optimal” path that doesn’t actually exist in the real map, leading to this kind of situation. From your examples, I’m guessing that the road segment is missing north of Hydras Mire.

P.S. There have been some goofier examples of this in the past: things like missing River indicators in the pathfinder, so zombies make paths that try to cross a river and keep bouncing off of it when the game logic tells them that’s not actually possible. :grin:

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