Defense mechanics question


Example situation:

My planet:
1 Garrison ship
5 Ship on carrier
Attacker comes in with 11 attackers.
(assuming 1 weapons tech on both sides)

Is battle first fought on the planet, in space, or is it a combination?


Multiple Carriers in Combat

When a player has more than one carrier in a combat, all damage will be applied to the largest carrier first. A carrier that has all its ships destroyed will also be destroyed.

Defending players will suffer casualties from the stars garrison before any carriers are pulled into the fray. It’s best to drop all ships when carriers jump to a star for defense.

This is in the Help > Combat section in the game.
The star and any ships on the planet will be attacked before any carriers and their ships on the planet are attacked. So it is fought on the planet first.

Carriers in combat and shared technology

I have always imagined everything happens in space.

When I build a bigger more complicated NP one day it will have multiple planets in each system, each with its own population etc etc.


Imperial conflict (webbased) did planets quite well. Another golden oldie in this genre.


that is incorrect.
this mechanic changed when allied group combat was introduced.

dropping all ships is no longer the best order.
in fact it is probably the worst thing you can do.
as damge is distributed evenly among fleets and garrisons, carriers with only 1 ship will almost certainly be destroyed.

there is another thread in which I enquired about this same issue search carrier loss or look at my threads through my profile.

this is the new battle reality.

If a star is unowned the closest player gains ownership for the battle.
The carriers are split into two groups, Attackers and Defenders. Anyone at-war with the star owner is an Attacker.
The entire group shares a single Weapon level. This is the highest out of the group players.
Damage is applied roughly evenly across the entire group. Rounding will mean large fleets get slightly more damage.
It’s best to spread your ships across carriers. Even keeping 2-3 ships in a carrier will greatly improve survivability.
Star garrison is treated exactly the same as a fleet.
If there is a battle the player with the most ships left will gain ownership.


Hey there,
I am new to the game, can you help me?

My planet:
1 Garrison ship
3 Ship on carrier

Attacker comes in with 10 attackers. In 2 Hours.
(assuming 1 weapons tech on both sides)

I am losing anyways but it is early in the game and I want to save my carrier. Can I just drop every Ship on the carrier to the planet and then flee with my Carrier (now with out any ship) to a random planet? Or is it impossible for carriers to move without any ships on board?
If it works and my carrier arrives on a planet without any ships can he claim this planet for me?

Thanks for your help!


You can drop every ship except one on the star and send the carrier away (carriers always need one ship inside). Bear in mind that you’ll kill 2 of his ships for everyone of yours lost due to the defensive bonus when he arrives.

The carrier with its permanently resident ship can go on to claim as many stars as you can find.


Thanks for your fast answer!


No worries