Define Carrier Actions while selecting Waypoints, with one click/command


I would love features that help make looping easier to set up. Right now, in a game where I have 100 stars and 30K ships, if I want to organize my ships to advance to the front lines I will spend hours setting up loops due to painstaking edits of carrier actions at each star in my loop.

I believe time and tedium can be reduced with the addition of an upfront way to define Carrier Waypoint Action when selecting the Carriers Waypoints. If I can normal (left) click stars 1 through 5 to make those Waypoint Actions “Collect all”, and then control click star 6 to make that Waypoint Action “Drop All”, then alt click star waypoints 7-10 to make those waypoint Actions “Do Nothing” it could be so much easier to set up loops.

“Do nothing” action if right click. “Drop all” action if alt (aka option on mac) click. “Collect all” action if normal click". This way, I can set a carrier to move through a 10 star loop, ending at its origin, without having to painstakingly edit every action at each star after setting the waypoints.

Really all I need is right click to define “Drop All”. Please! I think it would help immensely.

Also, to all readers, please help refine this idea if you like it

thank you


This is such an awesome idea ist already partially implemented.

If you hold the down arrow when selecting a waypoint it will do a drop all.

I will make a note to do a “do nothing” while holding up arrow because I think this will come in handy.

Where would be a good place to advertise that this feature exists do you think?


HEY … that’s GREAT - really helps with re-supply carriers heading to the back lines.

How about also adding the ability to set ALL actions with one button?

I.e. if a carrier is headed to the back lines, I want it to do a drop-all (or do nothing) at every waypoint.


Maybe a click & hold would create a context menu to appear? Or in addition, holding shift click could open a context menu with the actions dropdown.


Click and hold is becoming more common these days and we could probably use it for the mouse and touch interfaces.


Jay I have seen in various places, as well as on player badges that folks can contribute code to the game. Being a developer myself, I’d like to see about trying my hand at making this feature. How would I go about that?


That would be great @Ahamkara.

Unfortunately I don’t have the code is a public source code repository, but its not too hard to read the client code that the server sends.

Do you have any idea about the kind of code you would like to do? If you don’t have any specific ideas perhaps some of the features in this thread would be a good idea.

Perhaps we should start a sticky forum thread with some instructions about the best way to work and a brief tour of the code. I think the way I do things is a little weird and not like any other web app frameworks out there.


Sorry I just saw this. I use unroll me and email updates from this forum get wrapped up in a daily digest.

So regarding how I’d approach this, I’m not entirely sure how you have the code setup for plug-in features but it might make sense to create a public API type approach to tap into your private code such that people could build new features. Also you might look to not just start that sticky forum but maybe a wiki page about how to submit plugins and such. I haven’t given the multi-step ruler thing that one fellow made a look but he may have some input for the wiki.

Lastly, I do want to say that we all have our quirky ways of doing things. I certainly am guiltiy of that. If we open source the plugin code and start having people talk about it more… we start to formalize it and shove aside the weirdness. I come from a very OO background mostly in AS3 and Java so I know my concepts and naming conventions will probably buck up against a Ruby/PHP type developer. Anyway I would love to be a part in some capacity.