Define neutral stars when creating custom maps

@JayKyburz - is there any plan to update custom galaxy creation to be able to define neutral stars? I love that we can create our own galaxies, but it’s slightly limiting only being able to define the home star co-ordinates and then random scatter / twin rings.

I was envisioning a more granular upgrade where individual and neutral stars could be used, so instead of just [0,0] you could add a switch to the coordinates to specify the cluster type. For example:

i = individual star
s = small random scatter
m = medium random scatter
l = large random scatter
t = twin rings
h = make this a home work (i.e. a player starting location)

so [io,o] would generate 1 individual star, [so,o] would generate a small random cluster centered around 0,0 (same deal for m, l, t)… and [mh0,0] would generate a home-world star centered in a medium random cluster.

I have several interesting map ideas that could make use of this.



Yes there sure is!

I think rather that specifying the scatter pattern I will just allow you to plot the XY co-ordinates of every single star and its natural resources, if it has a gate, that kind of thing.

That way other players or developers could write tools to help you really do anything you like.

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That’s awesome, can’t wait for this, Jay.

…and it would be truly supreme if all this was incorporated into Dysp’s map editor so that it was part of the game’s GUI.