Delay loading game?


Jay - about 50% of the time this game sticks on the loading screen and refuses to finish. Is it because of the game settings? This had a starting scan range of 16 in a dark galaxy. Doesn’t happen all of the time but enough for me to notice.


Not sure what the problem is. Its it still happening today.

I’m on holidays right now so its difficult for me to look at right now. If it’s a really big game the server might just be choking on it.


I am having the same issues too. Sometimes it loads and sometimes I have to click refresh a few times until it works. Please fix it. I am playing a 16 player against the AI and I am close to winning. I’m just trying to get all my stars to have at least 1 in economy, industry, and science then I will finish the game.

Also I found that during my game then the AI wasn’t taking any extra stars. I don’t know if this is a bug but I have 577 out of 580 stars while the closest AI only has 11 stars. The AI isn’t moving to new stars. I also haven’t attacked any AI players the whole game so that might have something to do with it. Their infrastructure is still going up though. I am almost done with the game but I thought I should bring it to your attention.


Looking in the logs I see a lot of errors on the stat recording code from google. I have disabled recording those events and see if this makes things more smooth.

I will get on stack overflow and see what I can find about why this is sometimes bugging out.

Please let me know if you think this was the issue!


The game seems to be loading a lot faster. I think that was the problem. I also had to fix Firefox because it was running slow in general. Now it loads correctly. I don’t know that much about programming to help find bugs with the AI but it seems like a start. I have taken beginning programming classes in C++, XHTML, and JavaScript though.


It makes me very sad, but Firefox sux a lot for NP. Every other browser is much faster at rendering the map. IE is actually really good!