Delay not decrementing all the time?


Me and some other first timers have seen this issue with delayed orders and I’m not sure if we’re using it wrong or if it’s a bug. Let’s say I have a carrier on planet Goo, and I want that carrier to sit there for 7 hours, collect all, then launch to planet Bee. When adding waypoints I click on Goo, set delay to 7, then select Bee, save.

This works most of the time but sometimes I’ll check hours later and the delay is still 7, it hasn’t changed at all. I’m wondering if we’re doing something wrong (i.e. the delay has to be on Bee, not Goo) or if there’s any other explanation why the delay would not decrement over time? Perhaps it has something to do with using it on a computer and also a mobile device (the order might get reset when going on the other platform).


The delay is a fixed number. It does not count down over time. Just check the estimated arrival time is counting down.

I think?


I’m pretty sure that number goes down by one each tick.


Yes, there is some bug here that I have not been able to track down.

I don’t know why is sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I’ve looked at the code but cant see any obvious problems. I’ll spend more time looking for the problem soon.

If anybody knows whats different about the carriers that don’t work I’d love to know!


After running into this problem before, I don’t ever use the delay. If you have the carrier jump in place, it effectively introduces a 1 hour delay for each jump in place. Just keep in mind the carrier is set to collect all for each jump of course…usually that is desired, but you can hold the down arrow on the keyboard and it changes the order to be a drop all if that is preferred.


Are you saying that instead of clicking on the star and setting the delay to 5 hours, you’ll click on the star 5 times and that works as expected? Sounds like a good solution for the time being.






Ditto what others said and that’s what I do.

One minor issue you can stumble across is a carrier is limited to19 “moves” … so if you are in a 24-tick based game and want to “sit” there for 20 ticks and then jump, you have to do something like run a round-trip to a nearby star.