Delayed start after all players join


Greetings! Long time player, 1st time poster.

I’d like to request a feature to delay the start of a game for 8-12 hours (a reasonable timeframe imho in the event a game starts in the middle of the night or one’s work day, and is expected to last a couple weeks or more).

Additionally a feature for each player to “ready up” so play can begin before the suggested delay once it’s established everyone has had a chance to review the map, spend their money, and queue up fleet movements.

Right now there’s a clear advantage for whoever joins last as they have a good chance of doing the above at the very start of play well before most/all the other players can. Sure, you can do some of those actions before play starts, but they are limited by dark start. I’m just seeking a more balanced playing field.

Love the game! Keep up the good work :slight_smile: