Design suggestions - Unit Command Queue & Game Time Parameters

Issue that I’d like to find a solution for - I send my units to capture a few cities at 8pm. The travel will take 6-hours, so I will be sleeping when they arrive at the cities. They will sit at their destination for about 8-hours before I jump back online. The CPU will continue to take actions during this player ‘down-time’, and that makes me feel a bit sad.

Suggestions to address this issue:

Allow players to queue up a few commands for units. i.e. Move to this city. Once at the city then: Capture the city. After city is captured then: Move to next location. Etc.

If the unit encounters something that prevents it from doing the next queued action, i.e. not enough currency to execute an action or the city has already been claimed, it simply stops and the future queued actions are cleared.

Add a feature that allows the host to ‘pause’ the game. Time would not elapse in the game while it is paused. A more advance version of this feature would include a timer that pauses the game after a set duration elapses and could reset the game after a pause duration elapses.

Add a feature that allows the host to define the “live operation” time for the game. For example - the game could be set to elapse in-game time between the hours of 9am-12pm PST. Outside of the define game hours the game would be paused. This would allow players to enjoy there sleep, knowing that the world will not end while they slumber.

Add a feature that allows the game’s host to define the clock speed. If the players want to enjoy a game in a shorter duration they can play at x2, x3, x? speed. This would capture a portion of the audience that likes this type of game, but might be less patient than the current user base.

The core concept of Blight shows a ton of promise. I can’t wait to see it evolve.


I haven’t seen it myself but supposedly the host can pause the game over the weekend or jump ahead some amount of time. (Go look in the settings in a multi-player game, bottom section will describe this) I do really like the option for speedier games and I’m pretty sure that command queues are in the works but don’t quote me on that, can’t find a reference for it…

The pause is for games started by a premium player. There is a also a button to jump forward 6 hours (but it is not configurable like the single player one).

Ah yes, I just found the pause and jump ahead features in the options menu. It wasn’t noted in the help topic and not in what I would consider an obvious place, so I missed it.

I took a snap shot for reference:

Yea this is really handy, I feel like a “Pause Until” would be more useful. It’s a real drag for the Admin to have to login at a certain time to unpause the game so that everyone else can play.