Detailed rule questions


Can a slaver take a ballooner from a ship when that ship is currently flying above land? If so, what would happen to the flying ship that no longer has a ballooner?


Simple: the ship remains in the same hexe and it can’t move until it gets a new Ballooner.


Thanks! So you’ve actually seen that happen?


Yes, that is what happens, if the ship is land-locked. If it’s adjacent to sea, it will be able to move there.


So I guess even if you can’t get another ballooner it’s a cheap (no metal) way to add some boom to your land-locked settlement.


Glad to hear this was already accounted for. In my mind, the ship would crash and explode since the only reason it can fly is because of the ballooner.


The Ballooner is the only one skilled enough to operate the flying mechanisms. Once he is kidnapped, the ship floats gracefully to the ground … or something.


Maybe a landlocked ship without a ballooner should be grappled.