Direct Friend Invite Via URL

hey there - haven’t played my first round yet, but bought lifetime sight unseen based on the fun and polish of NP. So, It took me over a year to get my friend into that game because he’s sort of morally opposed to google plus, facebook, etc. due to data collection issues. I sort of agree with him, but I had a gmail account back in the day.

Is there some sort of direct URL that I can email to a friend to get him in to the game I’m hosting? Similar to NP? I’m trying that now anyway.

Thanks, and sorry if it’s a repeat…

Thanks @Twyst! I hope you enjoy the game!

Yes, when you open your game, just copy the URL and your friend will be able to go straight to that game. He will have to make an account first though, or he’ll be bumped back to the main menu.

Here is the URL for the game you are hosting: Blight of the Immortals