Display your current hyper space range on the ruler tab


The ruler tab is great, but after seeing how far something is you need to go to the research tab to check how far you can go. Would be nice to see it on that screen, or have the ruler turn from green to red or something…


You’ll actually find that your planets do a good job of telling you how far you can travel. When you click on a planet, you’ll notice two rings form around the planet. the inner dashed ring shows how far your scanners work at the current level. The outer ring shows how far you can travel from the planet with your current technology. This happens to work well while using the ruler as well. You should be able to see right away when you’re about to mark a territory that it outside of your current technology range.

A green/red indicator would be a nice touch for those moment when I don’t feel like paying attention to what I’m clicking on.

Additional note: You can click on another player’s planet, and the rings will tell you how far they can see from their planet.

In this exmaple, from Procyon, my sensors reach as far as Ion and I can travel as far as Tegmen in one jump


Yes i’m aware of that, but when you can’t reach something, it’ll help to see the number you’re on to compare to the number you need. Also, close calls are sometimes tough to tell if you can reach them or not.


While I was testing a script to extend the ruler functionality I realized I was looking at the wrong item - an enemy tech that was much lower than mine.