Do IHG Keys apply to all games?

If I were to buy a key via the go premium button in NP, would I also receive premium for Blight and NP2? Judging by the name of the key I’d expect them to apply to everything, but it’s confusing since the only place to buy is on the individual game’s pages.

Hey Syk,

The Iron Helmet keys unlock premium features of Neptune’s Pride 1, Blight, and Jupiters Folly.

Although I don’t have any code to automate it, if you buy Premium in NP2 I will happily give you freebies of the old games.

Now also keep in mind, that on July 6 2015, Google is turning of the kind of database that the 3 early games are using and I don’t think I’ll be doing the work to port them over to new database code. As per the Lifetime Premium Promise these three games will be going open source. (With a GPL licence)

Awesome, thanks so much for the reply Jay!

So, pardon my technological stupidity, Jay, but does that mean we lifetime premium buyers can receive the original game? I’d love to play it again

Sometime in the near future I will make the old games open source. I need to do some research about what kind of licence I will put on them (probably GPL) The games won’t work until somebody does a fair amount of coding work to update them to run on a new kind of database and server. When they do that work, I should be able to host the games again.

Great to hear. It’ll be great to see the old avatars back. Need to make a thread on that I guess…goes to do that