Does strength attack hits all individuals in a unit?



This is a newbie question. If a 50 strength attack from a Dark Forest Witch hits a unit that has 100 subunits under it, does that mean that the 50 hits all the 100 subunits?



I believe it will hit each stack of enemy units only once. If the total unit strength was 100, let’s say 10 units of strength 10. It would kill on average 5 of them not deal 50 damage to each individual zombie killing the entire horde. It’s not that crazy :smiley:


As @FeralPony said, the attack is applied to the entire stack, and then (typically) each creature rolls a saving throw to avoid death, based on the strength of the attack compared to the strength of the target.

Take a look at the Ranged Attacks Section of the Newbie FAQ for all the details!


Thanks for the answers guys.

It makes sense now.