Every 30 minutes, FAs enabled, see all stars right from the start, trade is very expensive. No random warp gates and building them is expensive. You and only trade with those within your Scan range…

Not as brutal as a quad, but still about 14 days of paranoia … Time to put on your long trousers on, man up, and send off your carriers to glory

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How did you create that nice *.GIF ?


I searched goggle images for ‘animated gif spacecraft’ - left clicked the one I liked so it previewed, right clicked the previewed image and selected Copy image address, then in here selected the upload tool and then upload from web…


@xjhdexter Pinned?


Sorry; game’s nearly over :wink:


But 'twas you that pinned it!


I know that. I am just wondering why xjhdexter globally pinned the thread :thinking:

I figure it was an accident. It’s going to be sitting at the top of the forum until it’s unpinned.




Sorry - my bad - ask him.


Pinned topics becomes unpinned for the members who have read this topic.

I was just doing a new experimenting with this forum feature, to be able to pin topics. It has a lot of options and this is my first clumsy attempt.

In the past, open game announcements on the forum gradually slide down becoming less prominent as new topics gained more attention. I wanted to see if I could make it stay on top, until filled. @Chumbles game filled extremely quickly (was it within 2 days after the OP announcement ?), although the pin is set to expire on April 1 (I need to do a better job of selecting options).

So my experiment unintentionally went into phase 2, where this game has started while announcement was still pinned. I wonder what would happen? The game hyperlink is available for interested gamers to spectate. I continued watching that Square Orange empire taking 190 stars towards goal of 206. I was thinking that for this experiment, I could manually unpin when the game ended.

At this point, that hyperlink counted 8 clicks.

Interestingly, Square Orange player Les Chumb (most likely @Chumbles ) has a unique badge, Flambeau ?


And it’s over! Fortunate to be first; Apparition and Brand were facing off with the immediate partners trying to tip the balance I was able to build a horribly expensive gate network … The Flambeau? You’re going to have to ask Jay!

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