Drop/pickup by percentage (or something similar)

As the game goes on, you sometimes want to increase the size of your garrison forces. This involves a lot of clicking around to reset all the ship orders, especially in a large game.

It would be nice if you could give garrison orders by percentage instead of actual number of ships, or alternatively have some sort of global switch that changes the quantity of all garrison orders with one click.

I realize there is an option for this in default action but it only applies to orders given after you change the setting. Old orders still have to be manually changed.


This would be good. Ive also often thought I would like to have my opponents weapon skill + 1 ship as the garrison, so I get two rounds of damage dealing before the star is taken.

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I think this is a good idea. I often want to leave a star defended as much as necessary but take ships from it with a looping carrier to fortify or feed a supply line with as many ships as are left. If I could collect a percentage of ships instead of a number of ships I wouldn’t have to micro manage as much as industry increases over the progression of the game.

In Collect and Drop have a switch that toggles between number of ships or percentage of ships.

I like the idea of a collect or drop percentage. That would mean less time spent updating loop orders constantly, also it would make the head maths easier with a long ship chain.