Dueling 1v1 tournament with Mirror'ed EPIC map

We had a blast with the most recent 1v1 tournament, so lets start up another … except this time we’ll play on mirror’ed EPIC maps!

The mods from default params are:
Weapons start at Level3 and are LOCKED (whoever gets W4 first has a too-big-of advantage)
Experimentation and Manufacturing are Expensive to Research
EPIC (64 stars/player) Galaxy with Far Distances
HomeStar is 20/20/4 rather than 5/5/1
Starting Cash is $2000 (don’t spend it all at once!)
You start with ONE star that has 50 ships

Real-time games favor those who are willing to forgo sleep, so the play is default turn-based;
8 ticks/jump and submit at least once every 24 hours.

Since this is an EPIC map, it will take a while to play out … please do NOT sign up if you can’t commit to AT LEAST a move/day … ideally a couple to keep things moving along. And even with that, be prepared for it to take a while to play and there is NOT a way to pause the game.

Please reply here in the the thread and once we have a critical mass of either 4 or 8, I’ll set things up.
UPDATE: LOTS of interest, so lets see if we can round up 16 players.

P.S. It’s a full-on carnage-fest as seen in maps here and here. @SuperDave kicked my big fat hairy green a** in the very first 1v1 mirror’ed EPIC games, so I’m hoping he’ll join as the HULK wants a rematch! :wink:

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I’m in. Hopefully a bunch of other players are up for the challenge too!

Count me in.

Sign me up

I’m in! I think locked weapons will be a good change.

Jackalope says he wants to play - is crushing me in another game. But needs to get his login setup on the forums. So that brings us to SIX players so far - lets cap it at EIGHT.

Count me in this time

This sounds interesting, I will join.

Alright, that makes 8 so lets cut if off here.

I think for the next tourney we could advertise in 64p games and maybe get it up to 64

thread open for 9h and already full?? boooooo

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I’m with HOUSEBOAT_THANGS on this. It should be open for at least a day in my opinion.

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I’d like to get more quality players in if they desire to join, then to limit the total so quickly. I think it benefits the idea of 1vs1 tournaments for the future. I understand the parameters of the game aren’t perfect now, but they should produce good games. If the limit is really 8, then I will bow out and let @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS take my spot if it means he gets addicted for future games. I already know I like the format of play a lot and will be back for more for sure no matter what.

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You are so kind Mr SuperDave - however, my addiction is in full swing…please do not fret

I think, in the interest of keeping things moving, if we can’t arrive at 16 homey players within relatively short order - I am happy to wait until next tourney.

I’m interested. What do I do next?

OK - lets go for 16 players!


I think we can get 16 just fine! We are at 9 now, I’ll advertise in some of my games

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I’ve posted in the Discord chat, and it might be worth posting on the subreddit - it gets about 20-30 unique visitors per day.

I’m in if there’s still room. Sounds like a lot of fun.

I dropped the link in the sub, although last I checked it was pretty desolate.

Count me in too if there is still room.