Dueling 1v1 tournament with Mirror'ed EPIC map


OK - so I have the following players interested in the 1v1 EPIC tournament.
Remember this is a time commitment (and you hold up everybody if you lolly-gag) … so no sweat if that doesn’t work for you, but just let me know. And let me know if I missed anyone.

13 Players (had to drop the AT sign from 3 because the forums limits me to 10 in a post)
@leonardebaker (aka the legendary SonofBlob)

Two more that aren’t on the Forums - can someone please get them to join here.


@HULK In one of the above messages @Bruce said he is ThePerfectBeing. I missed that earlier in making the list. As such, he is included already.


I can also independently confirm this information^

EDIT: [squeals] DIS GONE BE GOOOOD =] =] =]


I’m game, if there is still an open seat!


OK - so we got 15 players so far as @Bruce and ThePerfectBeing are the same person.
Jackalope just kicked my big fat hairy green a** in a game, so I’ll remind him there to get signed up on the forums.

Once we get one more player, I’ll draw up some brackets for a single-elimination 16-player tourney.
If you are interested, please DO chime in … because we probably will need some alternates (people bail!) and assuming we do again, I’ll put you down first for the next tournament.


Will you guys need my in-game account name for this? Because that’s Asmodean13, but I always play under the name Rodel Ituralde

May/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament - AnnanFay is the winner!

My true alias is MalcomReynolds.


We shouldn’t need true alias. I’ve never actually played as mine before. Just matters that we recognize you here and in the game


Count me in!


Seems Like a very fun concept


For what it’s worth, I’m in.


OK - here are the players I have signed up (can only AT 10 total)

@Grunter (aka Jackalope who just kicked my a**)
leonardebaker (aka the legendary SonofBlob)

That’s a total of 16 … but as mentioned, others can toss their names in as alternates.

I think we are ready to rumble … but chime in real soon if you can’t commit.
Tomorrow, I’ll come up with some random bracket methodology and start making games so the single elimination carnage can begin.


I am in!


Thanks for putting this together @HULK U DA BES


I have posted the first round pairings here.

Again, while all 16 spots are taken, I suspect we’ll have someone drop, so if you want to be an alternate, please add your name to this thread. If you aren’t selected, I’ll put you first on the list for the next tournament.


Thank you @HULK!!! I very much appreciate the time and effort you are putting into this to get it going :slight_smile:


Agreed, thank you @HULK, Great job. Hope I don’t have to wait 48h for @AnnanFay to have a turn though :wink:


Thanks @HULK. Hopefully we meet in this tournament (finals) and we can see who wins the tie breaker now that we’ve kicked each others’ butts one time each!


@Rodel has joined and thanks to some quick play we are two cycles in. I started with more science than him, rushing mfg then terra. He started with terra, no second tech yet. Even in stars for now.


pretty damn fun format @HULK!