Dueling 1v1 Tournament with Mirrored Maps


A couple of years ago, we had a fun 1v1 tournament where Jay hand-created some mirrored maps - @Dysp ended up defeating me in the finals. Jay recently gave me the ability to create galaxies with mirrored maps, so I’d like to see if there is any interest in a tournament. Think of it like a NP March Madness where each player does a face-off against another … with the winners moving on until only one is left.

As you can guess, Mirrored Maps are exactly what the name suggests - each player had an identical starting position. Hit this password protected game if you want to see what one looks like.

One issue we had a couple of years ago was that the luck of experimentation could play a significant role. While I think a little bit of randomness is a good thing, I want to de-tune that … plus prevent the game from becoming a weaponfest - i.e. whoever finishes Weapons first, wins.

So mods from default params are:

  • Weapons start at Level3 plus are Very Expensive
  • Experimentation is Very Expensive.
  • Large (32 Star - wish I could do more) Galaxy with Far Distances
  • HomeStar is 10/10/3 rather than 5/5/1

Open for suggestions on how to create a good/balanced game.

Real-time games favor those who are willing to forgo sleep, so the play is default turn-based;
8 ticks/jump and submit at least once every 24 hours.

I’ve played a couple of team games with mirrored maps and it totally ROCKS!

So holler if you’d be interested in a tournament and maybe we can put one together.
Plus if you want to play-test the format, send me a PM.

Round #1 of 1v1 Dueling Tournament
1v1 Tournament Finals on mirror'ed EPIC Map
Dueling 1v1 tournament with Mirror'ed EPIC map

I’m in!


I’m in


I’m in.


Should we do a test tournament with just the 4 of us?

I know that @Karmadrome is interested in playing, but he said he’s out until April.


I’d love to join too, but I’m out until the end of April as well. Would be great if you could recreate this in May


So what 'ya think @HipsterFleet, @MurasakiNoKaze, and @SuperDave - should we do a Final-Four tournament (using the parameters above) to see how it plays out?


I’m up for it. I will be limited a bit as I’m traveling the next few days, but I can still find time do multiple moves to keep things going.


OK - lets do a “Final Four Tourney”

I’m going to sort alphabetically, so the pairings are:
Hipster vs. HULK
Murasaki vs. SuperDave

Sending you PM’s with links to the games.
Remember that is is a Mirror’ed Map, so does not matter which position you take as they are identical.

Winner of round one matches advance to the finals.

Good luck (except you Hipster against me!) and good carnage! :wink:


I can’t join lol

Here’s a suggestion for Jay, remove that limitation :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh heck … please try this game:
https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6604328334000128 (same password)
which I just joined and left.


I bowed out of the first game as I can only do 2 at once since I let my premium account expire (and I’m playing an 8 player game also). Please end the first game yourself HULK (since you are signed into it also and are the last one left) and I can then go to the 2nd game.


Just deleted the original game @SuperDave and hopefully you and @MurasakiNoKaze can join the new one together.


err, I might have to write some more code. There is a built in limitation that prevents a game starting unless the creator is in it.

I might have to give Hulk the ability to make special games.

I can’t do it here at work, and I’m going away for the week end, but I might be able to work something out on Sunday night.

Sorry folks.


Thanks for chiming in Jay (have a great weekend BTW) … and yea, I just tested this and even if I join and game and then leave, it still “saves” the last spot for me.

So yea, if you can give me a workaround for this Jay (i.e. a code hack so that I do NOT have to join a game I’ve created), that would be great - thanks!


I’m in!


I’m in!


Any chance you have a mirror map code we can copy/paste?


Do you just want a screenshot?
If so, check out this game URL

And HEY, if you’d like to do a test-play @MurasakiNoKaze , sign up for the game (same 4-letter/1-number password as the other ones we thought we could play) and see if you can SMASH the HULK! :wink:


Joined, try not to get too angry :stuck_out_tongue: