Dueling 1v1 Tournament with Mirrored Maps


I’m in


What I did last time we had a tournament was create a custom map with the creator of the game super far away from the other two players. I don’t know if this would work for a mirror map though.


Jay fixed things up so I can create tournament games … so I think we are about ready to roll.
Am thinking we’ll go with 8 … and so far, we have

So we can take one more … so whoever chimes in first, I’ll then create a bracket.


sign me up


I have been doing some 1v1 test-play against @HipsterFleet, @MurasakiNoKaze, @nick.muzzio, and @SuperDave … so I’m going to put you guys in bracket #1 and the rest of the players with the Jolly Green Giant in bracket #2.


Here are the brackets/games - PM’d you the password so please join YOUR game and begin the carnage! :wink:

Bracket #1:
@HipsterFleet versus @MurasakiNoKaze - https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5001627598848000
@nick.muzzio versus @SuperDave - https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5867698090409984

Bracket #2:
@Fafa_power versus @Hulk - https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6633704031256576
@SirPrized22 versus @TheLastHero - https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6249332778205184

Note the game parameters are slightly different than the defaults - please review carefully!!!
Reminder that the maps are MIRRORED so the starting positions are identical.

Turn-based with 8 tick jumps and 24 hours to make your moves - if both players are motivated, you can finish in a few days. Report back here with commentary and results. Once round#1 is finished, the winners will advance to round#2 … and then the Finals. Last time I think Jay gave out a tournament winner badge. And hats off to him for enabling mirrored maps.


Sweet, joined


Let the fun begin, good luck everyone


Ditto … and BTW, be nice if you joined as your real name, because then people who want to look at the game, can check it out and see who is who.


I think Hipster and I got the weirder map
So I am assuming the “creator of map” restriction has been removed? At least for you?


Yea, your map is a little more spread out, but if you think it won’t play well, I can generate another. I did have to toss a couple of maps that were wayyyy spread out (like Hyper3 jumps needed) and/or didn’t have enough point of contact between the two players.

And yes, Jay added a “Tourney” option so I can create a game that I don’t actually play in.


I’ve strategized and made my move. It should be a fun tournament! Good luck to all :slight_smile:


Im keep my eyes on this thread if thats cool.


i mean… Im in!


Vote more Tourneys also please… Jay/Hulk


I’m cool with it, it’ll be interesting
Also, what happens if my opponent doesn’t join?
Is there a time limit before he’s considered out and I get a new opponent or move to the next bracket?


With time zones, I think we need to give players at least 24 hours to join. But yea, if for some reason they aren’t able to, then if we have someone ready to play - like @Krym - then I would suggest we invite them.


amazing, keeping myself in this loop then. thank you.


I messaged HipsterFleet in the Dark Quicky game and he replied 3 hours ago saying he would join the game, still waiting on him though, since he replied 3 hours ago, should we wait another 21 hours?


Any more space? I’m rusty as hell so it will only be a short game :stuck_out_tongue: