Duelling Tournament Round 3 - Semi Finals!



Are your Semi finalists! The random draw is as follows

@dysp V @Golden_Ace
@hulk V @Rosslessness

If @JayKyburz could set up the games we will see who will be facing off in the final!

HULK Impersonator! ;-) [bug in name/alias selection]

Good luck all!




FYI Ross: Per my comment in the “round 2 thread”, I have some major travel next week … so while we could go “fast and furious” for a day or two before I leave this weekend, I might have RL issues that could prevent me from being able to submit every 24 hours after that. Missing a turn is “game-over” in these deathmatch duels …

Plus might be more fun to play it all at once when I get back a week from Monday - what 'ya think?

It’s a moot point until the game is created, but wanted to give you an advance heads-up.


I just wanted to remind the forum about the Hulk drinking game. Every time you see a word/phrase in “” you take a drink :smile:

Drink responsibly :slight_smile:


I wish I had known about that game months ago! (So does the John Jameson distillery)


Game 1: http://triton.ironhelmet.com/game/5352517133139968
Game 2: http://triton.ironhelmet.com/game/6294752494354432

Go Go Go


I always play fast and lose.


LOL you signed up as Hulk … so it is Hulk versus HULK … may the best green monster SMASH! :wink:

Will have to send you lots of “” so you drink just before you make your moves …


Good luck everyone! Our game can be followed at:

stats: http://bit.ly/1yPmR07
map: http://bit.ly/1yPmXon


Lol, that will make following the game “interesting”… oops, did I just use double quotation marks?


Congrats on the win Dysp. If I have fought tougher opponents I can’t remember when. well fought, well won.


Thank you. I can’t eater remember as long and as tight game for awhile! It was an honor and pleasure to play against you. Very good game!


Golden_Ace/Dysp: I checked your game several times … what a back-n-forth battle - looked liked a blast.

My game against Ross just finished. We had an initial flurry of activity, but he then missed several turns and AFK’ed - hope nothing wrong in RL.


Oh dear thats not good :frowning: Well I guess Hulk wins that game then. The final will be Dysp V Hulk :slight_smile:


Round 2 against Ross was intense- the most intense game I’ve played. I was cheering for him to make it to the finals (no offense HULK!). I hope all is well.


No offense at all and yea, as mentioned, Ross is a battle scarred veteran so I figured it would also be an intense game.