Dumb questions on ranks

This is probably a dumb question.

Is rank given ONLY to players 1-3? I thought that was how it was based on the help screens, but I’ve seen so many posts talking about players trying to hold on to at least one star with the implication that it’s for ranking purposes.

Also, does your rank when resigning have to do wtih the number of stars at the time you resign, or at the final tally? I ask this because so many players quit rather than play it out when the tables get turned on them and they start shrinking instead of growing.

Personally, I find it satisfying in somegames just to still exist at the end. I play out every game to the death as even when being decimated, there’s plenty to learn from the experience. Even if it’s just working the diplomacy to get other players to go around you once you are no longer a threat, it’s fun.

I just recently finished a game where 4 people quit before being KO’d. Each of them received one point of rank at the end. Given this, ranks are distributed at the final tally.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone after the top 3 gets one point of rank. I’m not certain what happens when someone goes AFK. I would presume - based on how AFK players drop off the leader board - that they don’t receive rank at the end of the game.

Ummmm … I thought Rank was only the top-3 … but @JayKyburz would know for sure.

Regardless, I think if you AFK you should not get any - AFK’s are the scourge of NP.

I would NOT say that for QUIT’s … sometimes there is mutual agreement that it’s obvious how the game will end so in order to call it a wrap, players agree to QUIT and allow the winner to take the victory rather than do a slogfest. I don’t think that is easy to programmatically code … and if someone truly does QUIT, they usually get pounded … so seems like those player should get Rank.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure AFK’s don’t get anything.