E-Mail Notification on Replies


I know this might sound silly, but I’m finding myself having to log into each game frequently just to check for replies to my diplomacy messages. I get an e-mail notification if someone creates a new message, but there is no notification on replies. I would find it pleasing to be able to receive an e-mail notification on every reply for some of those time sensitive “negotiations”. :wink:


I agree with this suggestion.
Would like to be able to change from current setting to getting notified of all new messages & replies.


I agree to this, as an option, so we could try it on when we are waiting for something and turn it off after to slow the flood of emails… It would be nice as an option, not as default though…


A feed to read the chat logs would be nice too, without the need to log into the game. (or even reply :slight_smile: )


Maybe you could tag a specific thread or player with “awaiting response” or something so when they reply to a thread or send a tech/money, you would be notified. After the response, the tag is removed.

I would also be happy to enable “constantly bug me mode” if it existed, but I understand the technical issues with this.


come on Qwerty, get on that! :slight_smile:

Additional Premium features

I’ll put it on the list.

It would be for premium players only for the additional expense. Google App Engine makes email quite expensive. I assume its to discourage spammers.


Cool - I suggested a while ago that there should be an “Email/Notify Options” … so a player can set (per game) what level of notification they would like.

I think making this a premium only feature is GREAT - nice way to differentiate between free and paid players … and encourage people to support the game financially.

P.S. Hopefully obvious that if this ends up costing you a “lot” Jay, you should turn off - I didn’t think about that aspect.


Yeah, don’t break the bank if it’s really going to cost you. I’m happy to continue supporting the game via premium.