Elven Beserker Needs a Slight Buff

So, I’ve been play testing the Beserker and am starting to change my mind on the effectiveness and power of the card.

In a game on Sanctuary we are phasing into the mid to late game and a Beserker I dropped near the beginning of the game still only has a an increase of 135 power. With a measly 120 to start, that’s not too impressive. And Sanctuary is a mana heavy map with lots of elves, so there would be ample opportunity it to buff the Beserker.

Perhaps consider giving the Beserker a 200 Power starting line or allow the buff to do +10 per elf ability use? At 200g the Beserker is expensive to get out, really only useful to play at the very early stages, and a bit fiddly to keep alive for only getting a 300 or 400 power unit in the end game.

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Funny you should say that…

Well, that’s timely! Thanks much.

I would agree on this. From what I’ve seen, the berserker never grows in power significantly unless we have a LOT of elves running around, and that’s assuming he stays alive and is played fairly early. Compared to, say, the assassins, he just seems kinda useless.

I think I’d like to drop his cost and see how it goes. 150 seems about right. I’m also feeling like the Tree Whisperer is a bit expensive at 225, compared to the other mages.

I’m certainly not going to complain about this, but I also feel like it probably isn’t necessary.

EDIT: In fact dare I say it, some of the other Mage cards you might consider bumping the cost up a bit.

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