Enable alt-click on star name to insert owner's name in messages

(The context is larger games with long leaderboards in particular, but I believe would be helpful in any size game.)

Because it is not too convenient to look up and insert another player’s name when composing a message, and there are often odd spellings and capitalization, most in-game communications tend refer to other players by their color or color and shape. From my perspective, the in-game dynamic would be improved if the predominant form of reference was the player name.


Just as you can now click on a star to insert it’s name into a message, enable the player to alt-click on a star to insert the owner’s name into the message. As with star names, the inserted owner’s name would become a clickable link in the transmitted message that brings up the owner’s profile page just as if you clicked on the ‘eye’ icon for the owner on the leaderboard.


I liked it very much. Also, it would be nice if the name showed in the color of the player on messages, and if it is a 9+ players game also show his symbol beside.

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Bumping because the existing mechanics for this situation still seem inferior to my suggestion.

This is already implemented. You middle-click (click your scroll wheel) on their star to do this. That creates the link to their profile.

What’s missing for me is a way to do this on a touch screen - tablet or phone.

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There has been some talk of some click and hold interfaces that would bring up some kind of context menu.

Given there is so many people playing on touch devices, I might need to look at this stuff sooner rather than later.


I don’t have a scroll wheel, but I do have a middle button on my Thinkpad’s mouse area which activates scrolling. Clicking that button does not insert a profile link in the current version of Windows / Firefox .

Does your touchpad software allow you to change the function of the center button? Some do some don’t.

I’m on a logitech mouse so I checked which of the available button assignments work in Firefox. Of this list:

Only “Middle Button” seems to have the desired effect.

So then I did a quick bing search and found a reference to Alt-Right-Click being the same as “Middle Click” But that’s not the case for me. Maybe it is on yours. PRobably depends on the driver.

I saw some references to older touchpad with two separate physical buttons where if you click the left and right, it sends the “middle click”.

I have a guesture based synapitics pad, so I found this link:

But I haven’t tried it.

Yoo bad there’s not a keyboard shortcut for middle click. At least I couldn’t find one.

What OS/DE do you use? I’m typing this on my X201 running Arch+KDE and middle click works fine for me. Are you using the middle button on the trackpoint or mousepad?

I’m using Windows 7 x64 on an x61 so there is no mousepad - I’m using the middle button for the trackpoint.

Macbook User here, so no luck.
Would be great on Smartphones and Tablets as well of course.

PS sorry for bringing this post up again, there is no way to currently do this, right?

I’m also having this issue. I’ve figured out that putting the player’s number in double brackets will link to their profile, but double brackets for their name won’t, and there is no list of player numbers for easy reference. I play on my phone, so I can’t use a middle click or an alt click

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