End Game Stats & Additional Badges


I’d like to get some feedback and see if the following ideas/changes would be possible.
The end of a game seems a little underwealming and basic : may I suggest…
End game Statistics -
Most Trades Completed - Name of player
( *Award - Serial Trader Badge *)

Most Ships Destroyed- Name of player
(* Award - The Cutting Edge Badge)

Secret Objective Badge - Name of Player
(* Mystery Box Badge *)

  • Secret Objectives have been discussed in other threads but for example… ( rotated/Rng from list : 1 per game)
  • Most Unique Allies Traded With
  • Most Stars Lost
  • Least Ships Lost ( but still active with at least 1 star at end game)
  • Most distance travelled from homestar
  • First Blood - ( First attack or homestar captured)

Is any of this possible?! ( without years of work for Jay)


I agree with this!