End of game win and ranking bug?

An 8 player turn-based game ended today

For some time there had been just two active players - myself and Corod793… We were at different ends of the galaxy both battling the AI- controlled hordes.

We reached the stage where we both had 31 stars. Even though Corod793 had more ships than me I was expanding against my AI rivals whereas he was about to start losing stars to the AI.

So that he would not lose 2nd place to a player who quit Corod793 quit and I immediately claimed the win.

The event log records me as claiming victory.

Here is where it gets funny. The final leaderboard shows Corod 793 on top and me second. No harm in that.

But I was not awarded the win. I had 7 wins before claiming the win and 7 afterward.

My ranking points increased from 84 to 88.

I was not sure how ranking points are calculated. But on consulting the forum I found that the winner is meant to get 1 ranking point per player starting the game and the player who comes second is meant to get 0.5 points per player starting the game.

If this how ranking points are presently awarded then it looks as if the program awarded me second after I claimed victory.

So in an 8 player game,
1st place player earns 8 rank,
2nd place player earns 4 rank,
3rd place player earns 2 rank,
all remaining non-AFK players earn 1 rank,
AFK players earn 0 rank.

Player with most stars earn 1st place.
In case of a tie, the tie is broken by most ship count.

So Corod793 wins 1st place, and unfortunately you win second place.

If you stayed to play longer to capture more stars, then you would have won first place.

2 A
The “Accept Victory” button on the Leaderboard is a separate feature.

I do not know how Jay wrote the code for this, but looking at some stats in your game,


I would guess that Jay has some code that speculates on your future potential to win the game, but not on actual current conditions.

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So the bug report for @JayKyburz is that the “Accept Victory” should also check for actually being able to win 1st place before making the button available for clicking.

Just a comment here, that quitting does not ensure your place on the leaderboard.

I was in an 8 player game recently.

I was player A, and my ally was player B.

Player C was AFK, and I captured all those stars.

Player D made the foolish mistake to attack me, and eventually QUIT, and became AI. Player D had 15 stars, and would have continued to earn 3rd place.

Player E QUIT, was AI, and had 2 stars

Players F, G, and H were AFK, and will earn 0 rank.

I did an experiment, and discovered that when my alliance captured all player D stars, it was Player E that earned 3rd place, not player D.

So staying in the game allows you to further influence the outcome.

I prevented player D from earning 3rd place, and satisfied my revenge against him for attacking me !! HA HA !!
cough ! err . . . I mean, I satisfied player D’s desire to earn other than 3rd place. HA HA !! EDIT

Player D was trapped in a corner of the galaxy, and the only way for him to expand was through me. But that is not important here. HA HA ! !

The below is just hypothetical.

There’s two different questions the game is asking:

  1. Can the player claim victory?
  2. What is the victory precedence/order?

When the game ends it uses victory precedence to find out who wins. However it seems you can claim victory even if you are not at the top of the list. This would to be a bug if true. I would assume the first is just asking “does any AI have more stars than the player”, but what it should do is check victory precedence to make sure the player will win.

I was Corod793 in this game. Grimsweeper played well and deserved the win. What he says is completely true and I’ve now checked and was surprised to be awarded the win.

I think all Grimsweeper had to do was to submit one more turn. I’d have lost a star and he would have had more than me. Then claim the win. I’d still have more stars than the AI that had quit much earlier and would have got 2nd.

Still, the result was unfair and Jay, if there is a way to reverse this so that Grimsweeper gets the win and I get 2nd I’d be quite happy with that.

Hrm, the bug is that if Leonard had conceded defeat before you, he should not have been awarded the win regardless of the scoreboard.

I’ll make a note of the bug and will fix it soon.

@Grimweeper if you email from the email address you have linked to the game I can award you with the win. @leonard can keep his win for being a good sport!

@JayKyburz , being the final human player in a game does not guarantee victory ?
The 7 AI could still defeat a human player ?

Maybe what you are also saying is that a QUIT player can not earn 1st place ?

First, there certainly is a bug if a player is offered to claim victory and then doesn’t get it!
Classy way Jay to “adjust” things for this game.

But if I could step it back, perhaps the offer to claim victory should NOT be offered if the player does not have more stars than everything else including the AI.

I.e. now that you have defeated the humans, you must defeat the Bots! :wink:

Yeah, I think we have it the way it is deliberately. As Hulk says, I think its the button text that is wrong. It should just not say “Accept Victory” Unless you actually have more stars.

You probably have a routine that calculates who the winner of the game is. So if all conditions are met to offer up the “claim victory” button, then add one last check to call that routine and see if the same player name would win … if not, don’t give 'em the button … or better yet, give 'em a pop-up that says you now must defeat the Bots to win! :wink: