Epic Fleet

This was my test to see if a fleet of 4 smaller ships can be used to take down those mega ships you see sailing around near the end of games.

Apologies to @aran and @IHG-BlightedPea whose ships are now apart of my epic fleet.


Details man! What were the stats on your fleet and the mega ships? Howe long was the battle?

we’ll it wasn’t a super good test because @aran and @IHG-BlightedPea were already fighting when I rocked up. They had weakened each other.

Its actually kind of a complicated story becuase I didn’t really want to attack yet, but I got caught in a bouncing grapple and If I didn’t act I would have eventually been destroyed, so I had to kill both.

What is intresting to me was that, having 4 ships in a stack meant I could upgrade its cannons 4 a turn, matching the maximum possible health upgrade of the ships I was chasing.

But don’t they each attack separately, thus still making it a +1 per attack, and if the opposing ship were to upgrade his armor at the same time, it would negate all 4 attack upgrades?

yes true, but he could upgrade his armour every turn, but I can apply 4 chippers, so that kills 8 armour a turn.

Hmm. Excellent point. Even if he trotted out a Slaver, that would only take 1 Chipper, leaving 3 behind.

Aran and I were doing the fighting, Jay just swooped in and stole our ships!