Epic Galaxy Request

Just wondering if Jay would be willing to return the Epic Galaxies. They were pretty fun, and it’s sad they’re gone. I used to try and make time for them. Would be nice to see there return!

P.S almost as much as I’d like the return of certain avatar choices…


They were my favorite as well.

May I ask what Epic Galaxies are? Or if you could point me to somewhere where I can see an example?

Jay began development and testing of NP3 Proteus in 2016 SEP. Before that there was only the glorious NP2 Triton. At the Join Game menu, there was the “New Player” game, plus 6 Standard games, plus the 64 player experimental game, and all the User created games.

The six Standard 8-players games were :

Standard turn based
Premium Standard dark
Premium Standard circular
Premium Standard epic
Premium Standard epic dark turn based

The Epic game has two settings that are not yet accessible from the “Create game” menu.

Home star distance = Epic = (unit distance) x2 === Jay created standard galaxies with HW that are 24 LY = (12 unit distance) x2 apart.

Stars per player = Epic = 64 stars per player

After Jay released NP3 Proteus, somehow, the two standard epic games are no longer listed. :frowning:

I would love to have epic games as an option in customs! Be able to make them turn based, wastes ticks, more players, etc

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I edited my post without saying “EDIT”. So probably not a bug. lol

Huh, maybe that’s enough to draw it to unread lol

I’m hoping Jay figures out why they were removed. And if at least 1 can be returned. The turn-based dark version didn’t interest me. But having them in game options should not be hard for him compared to what he’s managed with Proteus. That would be even better!

And so I do formally request that. Nay, demand it. Hurry Jay! You know what it means to make us conquering tyrannical overlords impatient!