Error contacting server

I’m getting this message more and more frequently over the last couple of weeks. 9/10 it’s no biggie, but sometimes it happens after setting a complicated flight path or sent a message and the data gets lost. Does this just mean the server/servers are being over-worked? Also, purely out of interest I wondered how many servers you have running NP2?

I will have a look at the console and see if there are specific errors.

There are not fixed number of servers, Google’s App Engine scales the number of servers up and down as required. Most of the time there are about 3 running, but they are very low end machines.

In the logs I can see that about once a day my apps are hitting the “soft private memory limit of 128mb” and being shut down.

I’d say I need to have a look for a memory leak somewhere that needs looking at.

I’m not sure if the problem was fixed, or if it’s just resurfaced, but I’ve been getting these a lot lately myself. It seems to be affecting bigger games much more (64 player vs 32 player).

Any chances of this being resolved soon, Jay? It’s really gotten unbearable lately.

I might try a different approach. Later today sometime I’ll update the servers from F2 instances to F4 instances. They will have twice the RAM and CPU, but also be twice the price.

The larger instances should soon be running. Please let me know if those errors are still a problem. (No point paying double if the problems are not fixed. )

It’s been working great since, although slower. Making a carrier takes a few seconds sometimes, but I’m not sure if that’s only on mobile.

I’ll let you know if it’s the same on desktop next time when I check in on it.

I checked, and it works smoothly on desktop.

Working fast on my end - thanks Jay!