ES6 (ES2015) - Typescript


Probably not very interesting to most of you, but from tomorrow’s release the code will be compiled using Microsoft’s Typescript compiler.

If all goes well you should not see any differences to the game at all.

For those of you who want to view the uncompressed client source code, you can continue to use the u#/ url, but you will need to use a browser that supports ES6. (Chrome, Edge, Safari)

Now, I could go in a big rant about Babel vs Typescript at this point, but I should probably get back to work making sure I didn’t break anything.

edit: I forgot to say the most important thing. If the game stops working for you tomorrow, please let me know and I can track down the problems.

Edit for more info: I don’t plan on using type hints or any Typescript specific language features, I just wanted a tool that could transpile es6 to es5 and in my opinion Typescript does a better job than Babel.