ETA arrival timers seem to be a little off


I just finished an 18 hour march. I set timer to alert me when it was time to take a look at the game. I came in and the timer was off by about 4 minutes. No worries…

So I sat around on the client, waited for the 4 minutes .The time expired, and I wasn’t able to capture the settlement.

Ok, no worries, I’ll refresh the client. So I refreshed the web page. And there was no timer. So I set the unit to “Move” to the settlement it is on top of. A new timer appeared that said 8 minutes :blush:

Okay, I’ll wait another 8 minutes. So I wait it out. The timer runs out… still can’t capture the city. Okay, I’ll refresh the client yet again.

This time it did the trick! And I was able to capture the settlement! Huzzah! :smile:

The ETA Timer for units arriving seems to be a little off calculation wise.


There are some weird stuff around this. I will log a bug and see if can find some time to improve it early next week. Thanks again.


Cheers! :smile: