Event Navigation


You can use left and right arrow keys to navigate the empire intel screens. It would be useful if you could also use this to navigate diplomacy and event pages to go to the previous and next pages. Also when reading messages to go to the next or previous message.


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You can use left and right arrow keys to navigate the empire intel screens.[/quote]
You can’t on my keyboard! Or have I got the wrong end of the stick? You’re talking about “Intel” main menu option?


he is talking about the empire scree. When you double click on a player portrait.


Try this… From the leader board screen select the ‘eye’ to view a player and after that the Left and Right arrow keys should move you through the players. If not shout as there must be a bug / hardware issue.


Right, I see what you mean now. I can’t personally, however, see the point in enhancing existing keyboard shortcuts when it’s just as easy to do these things with a mouse. Maybe I’m in a minority here, I don’t know.


Why have any keyboard shortcuts if you can use the mouse?

With events, when I have 3-4 pages of battle report, I like to be able to quickly scroll through all the items. If I need to switch from using the keyboard to the touchpad then it slows this down. I really hate laptop touchpads and would prefer to use them as little as possible.

With messages the same applies, I like being able to read my messages without using a touchpad or mouse. Keyboard shortcuts are just so much faster.


I mouse with the best of them but I would hate to live in a world without keyboard short-cuts! You can’t be serious RL they wouldn’t exist in any software if folks didn’t find them useful… You are in a minority.


Agreed, more shortcuts, please!


A reminder that in a >8 player game, you don’t get a list of the heads at the top. The arrow keys are way faster than re-selecting leaderboard and then choosing the next player from the list…

As a player on an iPad or iPhone, some substitute in the >8 player games for the arrow keys moving between empires in the Leaderboard screen is desperately needed.


I have implemented a few different alternatives to the players selection menu, but I have been disappointed in them all so far and not released them.

I think the next one I will try is that it will add a pop up for a player in the selection menu when you click on their star. It will have their icon, perhaps total stars and ships, and a button to send them an email or open their empire screen.

I was thinking the work flow would simply be to click on a star on a map, then click “mail” or “detail”.

I also think a galaxy menu style table interface would be best to find a player with a tech you want. A compare all players at once menu.