Event ordering in turn based games

I am not sure if this is a known issue.

In turn based games there seems to be problems when you have many events. In game 4980707660136448 for example I get 70 odd events per turn. All the events in the first page are ordered correctly, however there are events in later pages which come after the events on the first page.

456 is current turn. The pages from first to fourth (β€œ1-4:” below) contain tick ranges of:

1: 436 - 433 [& 456 at top]
2: 440 - 437
3: 442 - 440
4: 445 - 442

The possible event range being 433 - 456.

EDIT: OKAY! It seems to be dumping events in chronological order, however the event log is normally in reverse chronology. It is still ordering by reverse chronology within pages, which makes it all a bit weird.

thanks for the reminder. I have been meaning to fix this for ages. I need to be recording more information for each event before it gets shoved in the database.

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Yea, I flagged this one a while ago - it’s a bit annoying/confusing.

If you happen to be tweaking the code, it would be REALLY REALLY nice to separate out the battle events into a separate tab since other stuff (such as tech/cash transfers, tech advances, declarations of war, etc.) can easily be overlooked.