Events not in order


The events are not appearing in order for me on game #6417439282954240. It is now tick 504. Page one has events from ticks 501 (1 event), 500 (1), 499 (2), and 497 (6). Page two has events for ticks 503 (2), 502 (1), 501 (1), 490 (1), and 489 (5). Page three has events for ticks 496 (1), 494 (1), 492 (3), 490 (1), 484 (2), 483 (1), and 482 (1).

At first I thought I was missing the event when he took it, but now I see it’s there, it’s just that the “highest” event shows me winning it (tick 499). But he took it back on tick 502; it’s just that the event is out of order on the second page of events.


Yep. This is an old bug.

August 2014: Events should be correctly ordered
August 2015: Event ordering in turn based games
June 2016: Order of events for tech breakthrough via experimentation

Tangential discussion of more event categories - Nov 2014: More events and tabs needed

I think it also came up a few months ago in Discord chat but I can’t seem to find that discussion.


Ah, thanks. I didn’t see those in my brief search of the forum. Probably because I thought events were missing entirely at first. Then I figured out they were just out of order.