Events should be correctly ordered

When events happen at the same tick, it can sometimes be confusing which happened “first” (especially at production) and I’ve seen this spawn a number of questions, even thought most of it is covered in the help documentation. I’d suggest one way to reduce that confusion is to correctly order the events - please see example below.

In the Madness game, we all started out with Level 1 techs … and I bought 6 Science and started work in Experimentation … so at the 24 hour point, I had accumulated an additional 144 points of tech so hit Level 2 Exp right at Production. I then got Production … which included $75 for Banking Level1. I then got the Level 2 Experimentation Bonus, which was enough to give me Banking Level 2 … but because this happened AFTER the Production payout, I did not get the 2nd $75.

The graphic below shows the events as currently shown in NP and then the “correct” sequence of how they should be down - remember newest events on top.

I’d suggest in Jay’s copious spare time (!) that he modify the code so events are displayed in the correct order. One suggestion might be to assign a letter to the events … and then just sort on that. I.e. battles would probably be the letter “a” and Experimentation bonus’s would be letter “z” … with the other events in between depending on where they are ordered.


Since the new Experimentation bonus did not count to the production, it should be placed after it, not before.

I was just about to start a topic about this (I can’t believe this issue is over 2 years old!).

Ticks are displayed latest first but events within the tick display earliest first. It always confuses me for a couple of seconds before I remember.

Events really should be displayed in reverse order to match (as in HULK’s example) so order of all events read from the bottom (earliest) to the top (latest).

Or put new tick events after/under the previous tick’s events so all events read from the top (earliest) to the bottom (latest).

Either would work equally, but not the mismatch we have now,.

Yes sorry, it is on my to-do list.

If it’s as easy as just reversing the list I might be able to just do it this weekend