If I go from Experimentation 3 to 4 on the Galactic Cycle, will I get credit for Experimentation 3 or Experimentation 4?
Meaning do I have to wait until the next Galactic Cycle to get the Experimentation 4 bonus?


You get credit for 4


wait, so can finish researching Exp right on the cycle and get points for that new level? right there extra 72points?.. Noice


Yup, 6 science at the start will finish exp on cycle end and usually gets you a free tech
That’s why the tournament usually has it set to expensive

but that’s expensive to do so not usually a good idea unless your map and position are good


Does this also work for banking?


Not sure what you mean, if you buy enough science to have 6 science at the start of the game, you can take any level 1 tech to level 2 (assuming normal costs). A lot of people will do experimentation first since the exp hit lands after it goes to level 2 and so you might get a second tech to level 2 by the end of your first cycle.


I mean if I chose banking to finish right on any given cycle do i get extra 75 dollars? or gotta wait till next cycle? Need the cash!


If you finish Banking or Experimentation at the Cycle, you get the bonus. I.e. an extra $75 for banking and the extra points from Experimentation.

If you finish Hyper, Scan, and Terra at the Cycle (or a turn point), you obviously can then Jump/See/Build with the additional capability.

For Manu and Weapons, you also then get that extra capability, but it becomes effective next tick. I.e. you don’t get the boost WHEN you finish it, but the following tick.


thank you, appreciate your time. while I’m here, the the Exp points you get at cycles; are they total pot luck? or does the formula include other factors? is it all chance?


Totally random at the whim of the dice gods.
And they have been brutally mean to me in our 1v1 game! :frowning:


thats too bad, i mean roll of a dice part. as for the brutal nature of your rolls thats too good :slight_smile: for me! anyhow you played enough games to know the enemy might roll snake eyes for couple cycles as you have and then come back like a tsunami as am sure it will be. i have won the honor of fighting you again with second half of my golden ticket and do not wish to be aything less then enemy player you deserve. cheers :smile: