Experiments in Locked Techs

Would people support a change where, if you get an experiment in a locked tech, the research points are distributed evenly among all non-locked techs instead of just getting nothing.

what if there are 7 locked techs ?

Why not just prevent experimentation hits in locked categories? I know you have explained the reasoning before but I can’t remember and it still doesn’t make sense.

The locked tech feature adds a layer of value to the game, but making experimentation fail randomly sometimes when that feature is used is very odd and unintuitive. I don’t think that an even distribution of these failed points into remaining categories is any more intuitive or logical. My two cents.

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Your scientists have made a breakthrough in hyperspace range. Although this technology is locked the research gathered has practical uses for your other research teams. All other techs receive 24 points.

The thinking at the time was, if you had a game with several locked, experimentation becomes a more significant random factor. At the time there was a bit of opposition to having Experimentation random at all.

A solution which has not been mentioned is:

Only boost unlocked techs but reduce the reward so it becomes proportional to total unlocked techs. That is “X * T * 12 points” where X is Experimentation level and T is number of available techs minus 1. Minus 1 because it fits the current values, and you’ll never sensibly have only experimentation. In normal games this would give 72 points, 60 with 6 techs, 48 with 5 techs and so on. Another way to say it is T is the number of non-experimentation techs in the game.

(I’m not backing this solution, nor not-backing it, just sharing)