Extra Anonymity

Heyllo there again,

i just won my first game (yay :D) and it had “Extra Anonymity”, i thought you would only be Mister Anonymous ingame, but it doesn’t even show the name after the game, i would like to encourage either a) showing the name after the game anyways or b) adding another anonymity level, lets say “Ultimate Anonymity”, as i like the point to be Anonym ingame (especially as it was my first game, i don’t have some cool stats there the frighten my enemies ;))

Cheers :slight_smile:

Btw: As some people in the game wanted to know my Name, its This game, im Fenryll there and Rikkarta here, contact me as you wish :slight_smile:

I think there was a reason Jay hasn’t changed this yet, but in addition to showing the names after the game, I would also like to be able to give renown points after the game.

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I just haven’t found the time yet. Sorry. It’s fairly low on “the list”

Ah okay, thats good to know :slight_smile:

Would it be much work to enable renown’ing after the game? Don’t know how the whole thing is scripted, but maybe it would just be a (nearly) copy&paste job.

Cheers :slight_smile:

The problem is, the extra anon system is for people who want to act in a way they not be proud of, even after the game is done they may not want their friends to know who they were.

Just renown, no name =)

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yes, but if you suspect a player is somebody you might be in another game with, you can up their renown and see it move up in the other game, revealing their identity.

That’s solvable – possibly not worth it, but you could have renown awarded in an extra anon game only apply after a random (within a range, maybe 1-3 days) delay.

Are people really going through that much trouble to identify players? Why not just have player stats within a game static based on what they where when they joined? All points granted would show up in the player’s personal stats, and any new games they start.

It should be a simple matter of adding three fields to the game file and storing that data along with the player’s alias. Then point the in game stats to read that data, while renown points granted, as well as end rank information still reports to the player’s global record.