Fantastic Cards and where to Find them!

I am pretty sure many of you have realized that the Rng is not totally random when deciding the reward from a claimed city!

That said, I was hoping we could make a list in order to see what cards can be obtained where and when!

There are 2 main factors that decide if you are going to get a card when claiming a city: the game time and the total left population of the claimed settlement.

ps. for most examples you need to use the relinquish/claim trick :wink:

Let me start off with something easy:

Tutorial lv #1 Bucktooth Bay

T0 (time 0h)
Wolfs Plain

  • 200 pop: Swordsmen

Poets Crown

  • 200 pop: Mighty general

  • 150 pop: Storm Friar


  • 150 pop: Might General


  • 200pop: Gnostic Mage


  • 150 pop: Hound Master

I have found many many others, will post some from time to time :slight_smile:

Anyone got some data he is willing to share?

Does the relinquish/claim trick still work? I thought everything was patched to only give Lucky Boiled Dwarf Skulls! after the first claim.

Well I wouldn’t call that skull very lucky for the dwarf who it was XD

@Bwaa: The initial reward you ‘roll’ is always the same, no matter how many times you claim/unclaim, but the OP is pretty spot on-you can get a specific reward from claiming a city at a specific time with a specific pop. I had no idea this was a thing lol.

I think the skull is for just if you would have normally gotten multiple reward cards in one match, tho.

Edit: Or maybe not? I just got a storm friar+human swordsman volunteers in the 1st tutorial, I could only recruit the swordsmen tho.

Huh, here’s one on Deadmans Marsh

Jagged Hollow
150 Pop
The Crone

Also, I’m not sure how legit spreading this info is, so if the devs delete the post I’ll have an answer.

So if the reward would be different (due to the clock advancing or pop changing), you get both rewards instead of the dwarf skull? That’s pretty cool, if probably unintentional on the devs’ part :grin:

If the devs find it problematic, I think they’re more likely to just patch the behavior to be randomized based on real time or something. They’re usually pretty supportive of players looking for exploits like this.

Found a real good set for people looking to upgrade their Elf Decks on Swiftwind. All the cities listed in the first set are located one or two hops from your starting point, so it’s easy to farm them.

Edit: Found another really useful card on the same map.

At 2d

Dusk Grove
50 pop: Healer

South Clearing
50 pop: High Elf

Sprightly Thicket
150 pop: Eagle Scout
125 pop: Berserker

50 pop: Elven Princess
Note: The timing here can be a bit tricky with the bosses coming from blackpool.

The relinquish/claim trick is what you have to do in order to get a reward from a settlement that is under your control from the start of a scenario. You can get at max one reward from each city in a given scenario. After that you will get the boiled head :slight_smile:

Also I would like to point out that sometimes (like 5% of the time) your card reward will change from what I have written down. I have found no explanation as to why this happens.

For example, on the second tutorial starting city, if you relinquish/claim at t0 you will end up getting mostly cowardly noble. (This helps a lot with the expansion)
But sometimes you might be getting some other cards that will allow you to save the human settlement before the enemy stack reaches it!

@dwarmin thanks for the info, that is exactly what i am looking for :blush:

Hrm, I might have to go and have a look at how we are seeing the random number generator.

I think this counts as an exploit. If you know where to find a rare card you could just play them map over and over farming that card for your collection.

First thing i’ll do at work today will to make this properly random.

Thanks for the heads up guys!

nooooooo :cry:

give us some time to farm at least :joy:

This thread should probably be deleted, hey? :stuck_out_tongue:

We can leave it, I already pushed out a fix.

tbh, I thought this was common knowledge seeing how the game has been around several months, and I also thought that the devs knew about it. First two tutorials have high scores that are all obtained thanks to knowing what spawns where.