Fast Game 3 - ONGOING


the first two were fun, so I’ve made it yet again, slightly larger, slight tweaks.

16 players

real time
quad speed
16 tick production
dark galaxy
scan trade
large universe
50% win condition
crazy expensive terra


Anyone who’s involved, feel free to comment.

It would be nice @JayKyburz to have an even quicker real-time variant…

  • 2 minute ticks etc

So a group of people could sit back and play a solid 4-6 hour game start to finish.


You could effectively do this by setting up a turn based game. As long as everyone submits their turns within a set of guidelines then you could potentially complete a full game in an afternoon. This would only work if everyone agreed upon a start time etc.and you have an admin to move the turns on if need be. I appreciate that it loses the fluidity of have a mega fast RT game, but you could play a game in 1 day in theory.