Feature Request & Bugs - Feedback from Jay

I think it would be useful to those of us making suggestions if Jay could make an ‘official’ response to our suggestions to let us know if they will ever be implemented and to tmaybe give some idea of the likely timescales.

With the bugs, the addition of a note to the report when it has been fixed.

I know Jay is thinking of doing a kick starter or similar to raise the funds to do some development, clearly some features could be tagged as ‘kick starter features’.

Hi Dave,

I do try to respond with whether or not I like a suggestion, but I try not to talk about when and how I might be able to implement the features because my todo list is very long and unfortunately the game doesn’t make enough money for me to work on it full time.

Right now I’m just doing weekends and evenings on NP while I work on another game that I have received some investment for.

I have three lists that I work from. The first priority is Bugs. If something is actually broken I try and fix it right away. Next is my list of things I should be doing now. The third list is the big exciting new features that I will probably only do if I can raise cash in a successful Kickstarter or some kind of fundraiser.

High Priority Tasks for Now.

  • Aggressive AI
    Need to know where its borders are and what stars are safe and where it can attack from.
    Needs a proper pathfinder.
    Needs to know more about who its friends are and who it should be attacking.
    I hope to fix the drop out problem by making the game fun to play against AI’s.
  • Virtual Currency for the Badges. Want to sell 10 badges at a time rather than asking player to fork over a credit card for $1. Will get some badge currency with lifetime premium.
  • Trade restrictions to scanning range for the 64 player games.
  • Set the game up on Armor Games and Kongregate. (Have promised this for the end of May.)
  • Set the game up in Chrome and Mozilla Webstore
  • Redo the tutorial videos and improve the overall introduction to the game for new players.
  • Package the game using CocoonJS for the mobile app stores.
  • Improve the stat collection and find out more about why players are not enjoying the game.
  • Alternate payment options such as Stipe
  • etc ect

This is a very long list.

Post Kickstarter or 2014 Fundraising Drive!

Here is my list of big features that I didn’t want to get started on until I had some kickstarter money or some other cash injection.

  • Historical replay and step back in time.

  • Friends and Enemies List. People you like playing against and those you would rather not.

  • Team Games

  • Symmetrical Maps, Player Created Maps

  • Some optional new mechanics

    • Supply Lines
    • Stars that rotate around the galaxy.
    • Nova bombs
    • Jammers at stars.
    • Race Attribs.
  • Stretch Goals.

    • iOS and Android Native Client.
  • Bonus

    • Fix the alliance combats.
    • Remove the tick system entirety and make the game truly real-time.
    • Carrier to carrier combat.

Jay, thanks for the update and your feature list is very useful.

“Trade restrictions to scanning range for the 64 player games”

Woohoo! Will this restriction be something we can enable/disable for custom games too?

I’m so excited to try this out!

Also, when you do a Kickstarter you’re definitely getting some cash off me. :smile:

Supply lines?

I think a Kickstarter could work well. What sort of amount would you be aiming to raise, Jay?

Perhaps you could also encourage people to add NP2 to their Will? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: