Feature Request - Discard a Card

I would like the ability to just discard/drop a card from my hand. I’m in a game where I put a couple of troll cards in my deck. I did manage to save and claim a troll town, but the troll cards didn’t come up into my hand before I had to do something else with the town (recruit it dry to defend it). Now that the troll cards have finally come up (into my hand), but I can’t play them (there aren’t enough trolls left on the map, let alone in my area). That means I can’t even spend the gold to burn them (just deploy them some random place and never use them) like I do with most of the “essential” cards. I can work with the 2 slots I still have in my hand to get through some of the rest of my deck, and use some of my valour to get a couple extra cards now and then, but I would really rather not have to do that. I gambled with these cards, I had the settlement to use them on at one point but it just didn’t work out and now I can’t use them in any fashion; I would rather just trash them so I can get most of my hand slots back. I would even be willing to pay their gold cost just to get them discarded.