Feature request: faster turn option, dynamic game size


I couldn’t find a list of upcoming or logged feature requests, so figured I’d post these here. They’ve come up as I’ve been introducing to the game to friends of mine.

  1. I’m currently trying to set up a couple of games, and it’d be nice if I could email a private game link out and just have the number of players for the game be set based on whoever signs up. Either set a timer for the game to auto start, or just have the game manager press the Start button when they feel people have had enough time to jump in.

  2. I can imagine playing Triton with friends over the course of an afternoon, and possibly making use of a turn time limit as low as 10 or 15 minutes, just to keep things focused.

Not sure if these are normal use cases, but figured I’d share!


+1, particularly for the first suggestion. When it comes to setting up office games, I currently:

  • Create a ‘Neptune’s Pride’ Slack channel, and ask everyone who’s interested in playing to join that channel,
  • Give it a day or so for signups - and, given the size of our team, try and end up with exactly 24 or 32 people interested,
  • Create a game of NP with the right number of players, and ask everyone to join that,
  • Nag those who forget. :wink:
  • Make sure the last player joins at lunchtime-ish, so production happens while everyone’s in the office.

A private link with a ‘time to launch’ or Start button would be awesome!


Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions.

I agree we should have a game type where you can just sign up to a game, then build the universe when the game starts, based on the number of players. This is how NP1 worked all the time. I changed it so that after you first sign up for a game you could see your stars, build some infrastructure and chat with the other players.

A shorter time limit should be easy to implement as well, though an admin can force the turn I think.


Ah, interesting. I tend to try and scare people off doing too much until the game starts and it can get explained to the whole office. Particularly since we had one new player join the game and immediately blow their starting $500 on a single warp gate… :smile: