Feature Request: Fleet Management Window/Tab


As a game progresses, managing fleets and figuring out where each carrier is becomes increasingly difficult. It’d be awesome if there was another tab (eg. Galaxy, Research, Leaderboard, Intel, Fleet (or Carriers)).

An ideal layout would be a simple table (like the Galaxy tab), listing the number of ships, next way point, the order at next waypoint, a link to center/zoom map on carrier, number of waypoints assigned, and whether it is looped.

If this has already been suggested, my apologies.


The Galaxy tab is not just one tab, but actually three tabs.

The S shortcut key brings up the STARS tab.
The F shortcut key brings up the CARRIERS tab.
The Ships tab shows ship count locations, including at stars.

On each tab, columns are shown, and each column can be click sorted, increasing or decreasing.
Clicking on the eyeball icon will find it on the map.


Derrrrp. :blush:


I wonder how many other features I haven’t noticed…


I had that same feeling two years ago.

It is sneaky how that CARRIERS tab hides in plain sight ! HA ! HA !

The SHIPS tab was a feature that was added later.