Feature Request - Fleet orders and Waypoints


Sorry to be posting so many of these shortly after finding this game; I really AM enjoying it, but just noticing somethings that could make very large (and fun) games easier (and more fun).

This is about making setting waypoints/orders much quicker.

As it is now:

You select a carrier, you set your waypoints, one after the other (with whatever global default order you have set). Then, when you have reached the end of your waypoint chain, you need to individually change each fleet order–which can take quite a bit of time.

Proposed change:
You select your carrier.
Before deciding waypoints, you select a drop-down for [carrier order] (eg. collect all)
you select your next several waypoints. Each waypoint has the assigned fleet order that was selected on the carrier.
Then, should you decide to change the carrier-order for the next waypoint you choose to add to the path, it would change it for that next waypoint and subsequent waypoints, unless you change the [carrier order] before selecting and saving that next waypoint.

For example, you can select an individual carrier on the map, you then add additional waypoints, each click adding that waypoint with the assigned default [fleet order] that was first requested–unless it is changed.

Eg. You select Carrier Alpha on Planet A, select “Do Nothing” from [carrier order] drop-down. Then proceed to select planet B (default [carrier order]), select planet C, but then select the Collect all [carrier order] from the drop down. This changes the [carrier order] for planet C, but does not alter the previous waypoint for Planet B.
Then you select Planet D for the next waypoint, but want to change your carrier back to “Do Nothing” for Planet D,

The upshot of this is that it would save a ton of time when setting up long chains of waypoints, and need some orders to be different for various stops, without having to make so many clicks or wait.

Ugh. the description of this is really convoluted, if I have more mental clarity later, maybe I can draw up a mock-up img.

Also, even if you can understand this, I have no idea of how complex of a change this would entail in terms of the code, so maybe this is way out of scope for the game.


On desktop, you can press the down key when setting waypoints to choose “drop all” when clicking on a star, and up key to force “collect all”. And in the options, you can change the default order. I think that helps for what you want ?


I knew about the default order, but was mostly too cumbersome for me to bother with switching those defaults back and forth.

I had no idea about the down key though–which I’ll play around with now; is there more thorough documentation on UI features somewhere I’ve missed?


Yes there is. Help / Keyboard shortcuts :wink:


Uhh oh neat…that’s useful. :blush: