Feature Request: Something to do with excess cards in collection

I find myself with a lot of extra cards of a particular type in my collection. Because of the six type limit, there are often niche cards that I don’t bring, but I spend hero coins in game to see if I draw a niche card and can play it. Also, there are times where I draw because my deck is empty, or because I unexpectedly needed a race I didn’t bring or simply because I am trying to fill out my collection with the rare cards (but don’t end up getting the rare cards, just common ones). All of this has caused me to end up with many copies of some of the common and even uncommon cards. I also actually have a few more copies of some of the rare cards than I think I will ever use.

For me (with OCPD), these excess copies that I’m unlikely to ever use feel like clutter and I would like to clean them up. At the least, I would like a “discard” feature that would let me permanently remove cards from my collection. However, I would prefer something that gives me a little back for discarding them. Like maybe if I do this discard on a card in my deck in game I get some valour for it, or maybe I can choose five cards from across my collection to discard and get one hero coin back for it. If trading back in for hero coins though, the return value should be small to mitigate abuse.

I feel an option like this would be equivalent to selling off extra copies of my Magic cards at a reduced rate so I can go buy another expansion pack to see what I get. Mostly for me though, I would just be happy to no longer see the 8 Rodent Riders I have; to see a more meaningful 2-4 instead.

But the Rodent Riders are sooo cute! Dem Goblin Girls! Am-I-Right? I wanna whole herem of 'em gimmie your Rodent Riders. :wink:

I like your ideas, if something like this does happen, I would like to see a 2-3 card for 1 coin trade, or a 5 card for 2 coin trade option.

I prefer to draft my cards by paying the 2 coins and then choosing 1 rather that waiting for them to pop up in game. Another option might include a trade up feature, ex. commons for uncommon ect.

MTG is horrible at handling this problem. More recent virtual CCGs have generally included some kind of upgrade or trade in mechanic.

Haha. They come in a group of 20 though, so I don’t mind cutting off the cuteness at 80 of them.

Ahh yes, the plan for this is to allow you to take 6-10 duplicates of a card and burn them to become a “super” version of that card.

It will be perhaps stronger, cheaper, and or with an improved power.


That sounds pretty cool, Jay! And is a better strategy to encourage coin purchases than the buyback option.

I want super Rodent Riders! Yes please! :slight_smile:

That is an interesting thought. Are they 2 or 2.5 hours per league? Or are the rats bigger? Yes, I know they are already big, but bigger still.

I think even with the upgrade, there should be some kind of discard. If I keep playing at my current rate, I might have a handful of the upgraded versions too, so I will still want to trim my deck down a bit.

They are R.O.U.S.es!

But they already are!