Finished games not saved


I have finished first two missions in tutorial. The first one multiple times. But each time I return to main menu it tells me my best score is None. Why is it not saving?? I can load the game and I get directly to post-game screen of “you gained xp, coin and card” but going from there to menu/to next mission still doesn’t store the “finished” flag.


Thanks @Detros. Your progress is saved, but I’d say the issue is that the Tutorial is set to “Easy” difficulty and the menu by default shows your score for the “Normal” difficulty. We’ll have to change it display the Easy difficulty score for the tutorial, or maybe just remove that box for the tutorial.


Well, I can’t seem to be able to switch it anywhere to show stats for Easy difficulty, only Normal, Hard and Nightmare. Looking more closely, tutorial missions don’t show any highscores for these three difficulties. So yes, if all tutorial missions are set to Easy but highscore system (both highscore screen and the mission screen which, as you said, shows Normal score) can’t show it, that may be it.

I have now completed one of standard singleplayer missions on Normal and the score was stored. It better was, as I have somehow managed to get to the first place :sunglasses:


Awesome use of Emoji.