First game and everyone quit

Hi all I am a new player actively playing my first game of Neptune’s Pride. As of today every other human player has gone AFK and left A.I. to take their place. I normally wouldn’t mind this since I could try to finish out the game by myself, but because I have the most stars out of everyone all the A.I. players are attacking me and trading technology with each other. I am barely able to keep up and don’t have anyone to ally with to take the heat off. Should I just give up and join a new game?

Honestly? Yeah I would. You CAN bribe off AI by sending cash or tech, but if they are all trading techs already probably you are massively behind. While it might be possible to convert it to a win because the AI is dumb, and it might be in general good to learn how the AI works… it’s not going to be a very fun first game.

There’s an AI Guide somewhere that can help you if you do decide to play on, but in your shoes I’d try and find a better game to start with that has humans that stick around. Sorry this happened to you, it sucks when it does.

Maybe @BelSon can share the AI guide link because i can’t find it.

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If you have the most stars, you can claim victory and should do that.

The AI guide @Kaine is referring to is here and is worthwhile reading for normal games as usually there are at least a few AFK players.

Playing vs the AI is basically a waste of time because it’s completely uninteresting. The game is fun as a diplomacy game, and the diplomacy aspect makes up for all manner of weaknesses and issues; it’s never lost if people stay engaged and coordinate well.

Once a game has fallen apart and players aren’t communicating it is a straightforward computation grind that is not really fun in my opinion. So I’d say claim your victory and move on.


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How does this work? Does a button appear that you can click?
Wondering because I am about to attack the last active player and he might quit when I do.

Yes on the leaderboard I think is where a ‘Claim Victory’ button will appear.

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Thank you. That worked.
I wanted to keep playing, but with seven AI’s sharing tech, it would not be possible.

While challenging, it is possible to defeat the AI’s … here’s 1v6 … all the way up to 1v31! :wink:

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It was too little too late for me.
And I didn’t have the patience to try for a real win.