First Game - Help Request (1on1 Coaching / Veteran please) - AI is destroying me


Hello Triton-Community.

I am a brand new player, never played Neptune’s Pride (or other games of that sort) before. Nevertheless I enjoy it a lot! I joined a beginners game and it is now at Cycle 6 - Tick 162. Unfortunately 3 players left the game already (there went my allies and trade-partners…) and a 4th one will probably go afk soon as well - however the other 4 (me included) seem to stick around.

My biggest problem right now is the AI. I am stuck between 2 AIs and one of them already took 2 of my stars.
It gets technology at a pace I can’t match in the long run and it destroyed 100 of my ships while it only lost 30.
On top of that it has a significant advantage in weapon-technology (1 level at the moment, probably 2 soon).

I would like to have a second opinion about my strategies / 1-on-1 coaching from a Triton-Veteran. Because the game is still going (and I am new to the forum) I won’t / can’t post any screenshots here. I would highly appreciate the opportunity to talk to a veteran through skype / teamspeak / mumble. I can’t send private messages here on the forum (because new to the forum) so if you want to help me out, please send me a PM with instructions on how to contact you.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Kind Regards


Join this game - Password quiet And we can chat.


While Rosslessness was so kind to set me up with a galaxy filled with AI (to figure out how it works), we were not able to discuss my in-game situation in greater detail yet. Rosslessness gave me some good tips but the last couple of days I checked the forums for these as well.

What I am most interested in right now is to get another opinion about my current strategy / current situation - preferably via some voice-over-ip program, because it saves quite some time versus typing a whole essay. I can share my window via skype so it is possible to check my galaxy. Otherwise I can also offer to upload a screenshot.


xtrafresh helped me out quite a bit - huge thanks for that! We did a 1-on-1 skype session
and went over my current game as well as some of his past games for providing examples of
certain situations. I learned a lot and hopefully this will translate into my current and future plays. If I have any more questions I will come back to this forum and its great community!

Kind Regards


I bought Xtrafresh a badass badge.


@xtrafresh is in the Little Boxes game with me - definitely a badass - badge is well deserved.


I has a badge! Thanks!


You can trade with AI by the way, you can do that to get some of their tech. If their status towards you is 0 or positive, and you send them the amount of money specified to “improve your relationship,” then if they have a tech that you don’t they’ll send it to you.


Hey @Rosslessness - how exactly did you create a “galaxy filled with AI” for Sabot?

I found another completely new player and I wanted to create a game like that for him to learn everything in, but I couldn’t figure out how…did you just have people join and quit? Or am I missing something?


  1. Create the game with a password
  2. Get as many humans to join as you want
  3. Go to the options screen and click the Game Admin -> [Force Start] button
  4. All non-filled places will immediately go AI.


Oh, awesome…thanks! :smile:


Like this.You can even quit yourself and leave the player on their own against all the AI’s