First Tutorial Bug?

So I was playing the first tutorial, the Bucktooth Bay.

There, I evacuated all troops from Wolfs Plain, Poets Crown and then Badgerville.
However, when Badgerville was blighted, I lost the game, even though Rangersplain, Shortvail and Bucktooth were still unblighted. :neutral_face:

I’m not sure if this is intended behavior or not, so I thought of asking.

Also, I have seen that sometimes we do not get the Hero Coins reward for a level,
(Perhaps upon playing it repeatedly?)
and this does cause problems, especially if you are mining coins for a Tavern recruit.

This process is anyway lengthy, and this issue is especially frustrating. :sweat_smile:

I believe the Tutorials were changed to be unfarmable at some point, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if you’re not getting coins for repeatedly beating tutorial levels. I haven’t seen a loss from a single town before, though; I’ll take a look.

Do let me know what you discover! Thanks for the reply!

I haven’t made any changes for a long while.

There are a few things in the game to prevent farming. If you’d like some free coins, shoot me an email and let me know the email you use to login with.